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    It is a different Feeling when you
work for yourself. Of Freedom and Responsibility above all. 6 Ing. Michal Formánek, PhD. is known to everyone who has anything to do with cardboard. He had acted on our (and not only our) market as a representative of large, multinational paper companies. At the end he decided for the solo career and laid the foundations of the family business, company Paper Day, a year ago.
Where are you going, SYBA? 10
Interview with Iva Werbynská, the director of the SYBA Packaging Institute, about their plans for the future in the new headquarters in Horní Počernice.
Rumcajsovka wins the World Competition! 14 The owner of the company Etiflex, Lucie Hotařová, talks about winning the worldwide packaging competition
– Worldstar global packaging award – with the label for the alcoholic beverage Rumcajsovka.
Digital Embossing 18
Company KURZ is a pioneer in the development of the digital embossing technologies thanks to its know-how. Not only embossing foils are concerned but also own development of machines, software, consumables and service.
The cover of this magazine was refined on the DM-MAXLINER 3D machine, manufactured by the sister company Steinemann DPE.
Integration is the key Factor
for Digitization 21 Integration affects the company in business cooperation, involvement
of employees from other countries, interconnection of sister companies and connection of technologies as well. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used for connection with business partners.
Healthier fast Food? And what
about Packaging? 22 Together with the healing of the menus of the fast-food chains projects that offer fast-food products in organic, vegan or eco variants are appearing. However, are there any related packaging changes as well?
Smurfit Kappa: significant Investments in the Height of 20 million EUR in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 26 Smurfit Kappa is fundamentally expanding its production capacity in four production plants throughout
the Czech Republic and Slovakia thanks to a significant investment of 20 million EUR.
What the Cup Plant can do! 28
During the 30th Dresden Days, Michail Ginsburg, the procurator
of the recycling company Pre-
Zero of the Schwarz Group (LIDL, KAUFLAND), introduced still little known sustainable raw material for the packaging production: the plant Silphium perfoliatum (‘the Cup Plant’).
Company THIMM from Všetaty has
a new top-quality corrugating
Machine 29 Installation of the new, highly modern corrugating machine, which was put into operation at the beginning of this year is concerned.
Will the Future belong to cardboard Multipacks? 30 A few decades ago, no one suspected that group packaging for drinks would be disposable matter. Returnable crates (‘basy’ in Czech) were used for both alcoholic (especially beer) and non- alcoholic drinks.
Items not found in Budgets 32
Time is money, and therefore it is necessary to look deeper into all production processes in order to avoid down times and thus economic losses.
Do not be afraid to personalize 36
This HP-sponsored article, written by Gershon Alon of HP Indigo, deals with the basic elements of the Variable Data Printing (VDP) program.
Packaging of the Temperature- sensitive Products 38 Transportation of all types of products has increased with the introduction
of the e-commerce. Company
Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH
in Metzingen (Germany) has many years of experience in packing of the temperature-sensitive products.
Virtual.drupa gave Participants competitive Advantage 44 The international print and packaging community met in the term from 20th till 23rd April 2021 at web address virtual.drupa.
Virtua.drupa bridged the Gap between the World Fairs 2020 and 2024 46 This year’s “pandemic” drupa, i.e. virtual.drupa, extracted the maximum possible in the current coronavirus period. And it was not a little. True is that we could not touch it. Both the report and the reasoning are from Jiří Richter.
FACHPACK 2021: Ready! 50
The hygiene concept enables the safe participation in the fair.
The Response of plastic Industry
to the Minderoo Report 51 The US Chemistry Council (ACC)
and Veolia spoke out in favour of plastics after the Minderoo Report
said that global plastics producers
and their financial supporters should be responsible for the global plastics pollution crisis.
Online Communication
in the Covid-Age 52 Let us take a look at which software communication applications are among the most used.
High-speed Injection Moulding Machine with small built-up Area 54 The new ENGEL duo speed injection moulding machine expands the portfolio of machines for the packaging industry.
Packaging under Pressure 58
Providing a packaging service has become increasingly difficult in the recent months. The deepening crisis in the market for packaging materials, especially wood, corrugated cardboard and paper in general is the reason.
The price of paper-based packaging materials is growing dramatically, and at the same time delivery times are being prolonged.
Who wants to be at the Top, chooses Videojet 1880 59 Industrial marking, whether of finished products or semi-finished products, is becoming a standard and a necessity
as well. The label can be used to
carry various information needed for production, quality control and the end customer, too.
Recycling is not Fun 60
Paper is one of the most widely used packaging and printing materials, and once it has fulfilled its role, it can, at least for the most part, be recycled without much difficulty.
EU Requirements have forced
a Change in the quarterly Statement 62 After more than 15 years, the authorized packaging company EKO- KOM changed the quarterly Report on Packaging Production according to the EU requirements.
Jungheinrich Innovation for the Use
of automatic Trucks 65 At the beginning of May, Jungheinrich presented the latest automatic truck
at the INNOVATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS 2021 virtual press conference.
66 PACKAGING 3/2021

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